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Owner of Deeg Consulting Debra Gibson-Welch
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With over a decade of customer service and digital marketing experience, Debra has worked with small businesses in Atlanta and international companies. She is the founder of DEEG Consulting, based in Atlanta, GA. She writes campaigns and landing page copy for clients utilizing her experience with SEO best practices. Debra helps ease your client problems and friction points by creating workflows that help clarify and focus on your business objectives.

Growing up in Guyana, South America, Debra has also lived in Barbados and the US before moving to Atlanta, where she started her consulting business after getting a certification from Emory. She also spends much time helping out local communities by volunteering her social media and marketing services to civic associations and local schools in Atlanta.

She loves art, visiting museums, European series on Netflix (especially Finland, the language is fascinating), traveling, and checking out the best places to eat in Atlanta and on her travels. You can typically find her practicing ballet and barre with her favorite instructor at TADA, Mr. C, or cooking up Guyanese dishes at home with her daughter Melina. She did an interview with Voyage ATL Magazine last year about DEEG Consulting.


Web Design| Digital Marketing | Blogs and E-Mail Marketing Campaigns| WordPress|Wix| Square Space | Google Social Analytics and Search Engine Optimization| Social Customer Relationship Management| Marketing Project management from initial timeline to end product|

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