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What are your business goals? Who is the buyer or buyers you plan to focus on? Have you researched and decided on personas for your buyers? What kind of plan will you pitch to them and what types of mediums will you use?

Business Goals

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Establishing your authority on your topic
  • Building a loyal community
  • Attracting more leads and prospects
  • Building relationships with new customers
  • Maintaining and improving relationships with existing customers
  • Improving customer service

Content Marketing Goals

  • Creation
  • Consumption
  • Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Review Analytics and research (Audience demographics )
  • Surveys and social media

What Tools Or Apps do you plan to use?

  • Website – Google Analytics / Google Ad words/ Google Tag Manager
  • SEO – Google and Google My Business / other tools
  • Social Media Platforms – Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter (based on buyer persona and analytics)
  • EMail Marketing – Constant Contact, Mail Chimp etc
  • Referrals
  • Advertising
  • Video – You Tube, Oath – AOL and Yahoo – Video advertising solutions – ios and android
  • Mobile Advertising – Google Ad Mob,

ROI – What are your parameters for measurement?

  • Page Views – Number of Views per particular web page or social page. A general idea of how good your content is. Ongoing and always has room for improvement (try new ideas, ask questions instead of just posts, images, video, keep reminders on what worked and try it again, like quotes etc)
  • Average Time On Page – Indicates if visitors are reading your content or just glancing through it.
  • Unique Visitors – Shows how many visitors your content attracts. Allows you to determine the size of your audience
  • Pages Per Session – Indicates an average number of pages, viewed during a single session on your website. This metric helps you to evaluate your interlinking
  • Page Depth – Demonstrates an average number of pages that users visit per session.
  • Bounce Rate- Indicates the percentage of users who left a particular page without visiting any other website pages.
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