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Google Core Web Vitals Checklist

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The Google page experience rolls out this month and this means that search engine optimization will center on the page user experience than ever before.

Google has a 90% share of the search engine market worldwide, we need to ensure that ranking well on the Google search results works for your business. This is how you can get ahead and get more people to your website.

89 % of consumers conduct online research before buying a product.

Google processes 167 billion searches per month.

The top listing in Google organic search – 31% of all traffic/ 24% for #2 and 18% for #3

What does the page experience update mean for your business and website?

The Core Web Vitals are a set of user centric metrics Google will use to measure and quantify page experience. The metrics are meant to indicate how users experience a page. Optimizing them will help you to create a better user experience. #siteimprove

Google rewards websites that are user friendly and provide top quality, relevant content throughout all pages with higher rankings. Page experience is already a part of SEO strategy. Things to look for as flags, pages with high bounce rates and start with those pages first.

The five main factors that Google prioritizes for a website page experience are:

Core Web Vitals

Mobile Friendliness

Safe Browsing


Intrusive interstitial content (minimize) – pop ups / pop up ads / banners/ overlays (interstitials)

Content vs Page Experience

Having the right high quality content still is the best way to get good rankings. Page experience is not replacing content but they must work together. If you want well with great content but the page experience is not so great, then you lose. Both have to work together.

What can Deeg Consulting do to help your website improve your core web vitals?

Overall the DIY route is affordable but you miss all of these important updates if you do not work with a website professional. Can you afford it? Is it worth it?

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Deeg Consulting offers a Core Web Vitals Checklist Service, visit our pricing page for more.

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