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How much does a website cost?

How much des a website cost

How much does a website cost?

After seven years in the marketing business, like many other small businesses, I have made the same mistakes as others when deciding how much to charge for my services. However, it is essential to realize that you have a talent, a unique skill, and charge accordingly.  With that in mind, many people do not understand what it takes to build a website, a good website, and this provides a good breakdown of what it takes.

From WP Beginner, 2020

A typical custom WordPress theme for business or personal website theme could cost between $1,500 – $5,000.

A custom WordPress theme with additional built-in features or companion plugins can cost anywhere between $6,000 – $10,000.

If you have a complex enterprise level project, then is not uncommon for the prices to go above $30,000.

There are two main areas.

People have chosen to be economical, but I always suggest consulting with a professional.  They may have experience or invaluable advice, which may help to make this easier. Not all of the companies are reputable or credible.

What you pay for in infrastructure

Domain name – Purchase from a domain register like Site Ground or Blue Host (monthly or annual )

Website software/ Content Management System – Free (WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix) / However, a builder is either a monthly or annual fee. A builder is a good option if you are new to website design and need help getting it done.

Hosting – Usually starting at $5 per month.

Total – Usually, the total can be from 80 dollars to more than $200 annual.


All CMS platforms like WordPress Squarespace and Wix offer free options and premium options for themes that offer more customizations. If you are on a budget, use a free choice; there are many out there. My favorite themes are from Studio Press (Premium) and Elementor (Free and Premium), and I like to use Beave Builder for some websites. I think that people should have the best websites that they can have to start. Sometimes the companies offer free lifetime sales, sporadic but take advantage of them when you can.

Total – $0 to $100.00

DIY – This would be off the rack, no fuss or frills with no major customizations, and no web developer to make it customized for you. This would be for a one-page blog or a business page. $80 to $500 if you add premium extensions.

Web Developer

It depends on what you what and whom you are working with. Websites can now range from as little as $100 to over 10,000 depending on what you what in a competitive market.

With the lower prices, expect not to get the following, once the website is delivered, you are on your own. 

The average cost today for WordPress (10 to 15 pages)

36% – $2k to 3K

26% – $4K to 5k

20% – under 1,000

8 % – $6K to $7K

10% it depends

 Numbers from

For a “plain” WordPress website

32% – $1,000 to $1,500

28% – More than $3,500

15% – less than $1,000

13% – $1,500 to $2,000

7% – $3,000 to $3,500

5% – $2,000 to $2,500

Numbers from

Overall if you are looking for an essential website, at a bare minimum, according to #themeisle, $2,000 is the range.  E-Commerce and advanced functionality would be even more.

My Prices and Packages – Deeg Consulting

So how do I match up with the costs with other developers?


And remember, time, hiring a web designer means that you have the time to work on your business while we get the job done for you. You cannot replace the lost time it will take for you to design your website. It is irreplaceable.

I am pretty competitive, in the middle to lower end of the scale.  I am very generous with my clients, especially with my time.  

My cost for  a basic 5-page website is $1200 for a Wix or Square Space website with additional services in the package.

My cost for a basic one-page website is $800 for WordPress with some additional services.

My cost for a 5 to 10-page website is $1800.00 for WordPress with some additional services.

My cost for an E-Commerce website with WordPress or Shopify is $5,000

I always suggest a consultation even if you do not plan to retain my services. I am always willing to provide assistance and answer any questions to help make your decisions easier. My consultation fee is $50.00 for 60 minutes.

Overall the DIY route is affordable, but you lose essential time focused on your business. Can you afford it? Is it worth it?

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