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Simple Home Cocktails

Initially, 2021 was off to a slow start for me. Sometimes we need to take some time to rest and start again. In mid-January, my husband reminded me years ago I had a blog, and one of my main focus areas was cocktails. I was one of the early bloggers on the Blogger platform, remember Blogger? We were way ahead of the bloggers of today, and in some ways, we were too early. Many of us missed the explosion of blogs when it finally happened. We were older and bigger responsibilities were taking us away from blogging. During that period, I also developed an early blog on WordPress, and one menu tab was devoted to all of my cocktails recipes from my old blog.

In January, my husband suggested to me that I move some of my cocktail recipes to YouTube and take a look at the advertising options on the channel. After a reluctant start, I quickly started planning my recipes and, with my daughter and husband, started recording in late January. Cocktails and recipes are easy for me. West Indians and Guyanese have an easy affinity with cocktails growing up in the tropics in countries and islands dominated by the sugar trade and rum. Rum drinking, beer, and cocktail drinking are a national pastime

We drink on Saturdays, at cricket games, to celebrate a new home; a splash of rum outside the door and inside the house is mandatory. So my love of cocktails comes naturally. I also wanted to make sure that my cocktails are “simple.” I want to make something quickly; long recipes are tedious and require too many ingredients. So the name of my channel? “Simple Home Cocktails.”

Take a look, subscribe, send suggestions and feedback. Let me know if there is something I can do for you. Enjoy!

Simple Home Cocktails

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