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The Ultimate Website Checklist

You have a new website, everything looks great, and then suddenly, one thing stops working, then two, then three. Why? Because you did not ask for or get a review of the ultimate website checklist with your web developer. A full review of what was done to protect your website should be one of the requirements at the end of the website building process, and now it is a part of my service offerings for businesses who may not have had this service for their websites. My top 25 checklist includes a site check on everything from security to site speed to SEO.

My 25 item checklist before launching a website or can be used as a maintenance checklist for completed websites. Either way, these are the items that must be done to ensure your website is easy to find, secure, and ready for visitors from all over the world. Must do and must-have, the best practices before you take off!

Time frame 1 – 2 weeks

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