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What’s New – Deeg Consulting 2021

Marketing and training on Teachable

There has been much chatter about self-care over the last few years, and the focus is on relaxation and making our lives stress and hassle-free. For a business owner like me personally, self-care is about building a business in its seven years. It has been challenging every year, but thanks to a supportive spouse, I have hung on financially and mentally. I am grateful to be here to write this story today still as an independent business. Covid, for me, had so many silver linings, and one of them was being able to think about ways to maximize and monetize a business from home. I have made some crucial additions in the first half of this year, and I am ready to continue to move forward with some new tools in hand. I added ECommerce to the website to give people more options on payments and review my payment structure this year. I also started a YouTube channel Simple Home Cocktails to showcase one of my hobbies, making some cocktails at home. And after a year of coaching and teaching via Zoom, I am now offering an assortment of Teachable classes. You can sign up here and suggest class options as well.
I look forward to hearing from you; send your feedback and let me know if you like the cocktails! Best wishes to your business year!

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