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PWAs - Mobile Apps

I was excited after reading an article in Elegant Themes about PWA’s and immediately started testing and using one of the applications on the market today. WPA’s will be big for small businesses this year.

One of the big trends this year in tech is Progressive Web Apps. They are fantastic for increasing mobile marketing especially with our current challenges during the Covid-19 crisis.

They help to increase Brand Awareness, improve user engagement, deliver exclusive, brand-specific content and functionality. They make your brand more widely available and of course, have a permanent spot on a customer’s phone would be someone we would all like to be.

A PWA is a web-based application that is built with web development languages like HTML or CSS. It’s not a mobile app though it could be considered a type of website. They can function offline and allow users to receive push notifications and install an icon on their home screen. They can function across mobile browsers

They don’t have to be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the app store. The PWA can be installed on a browser or desktop via the browser itself. You can navigate to the site via your browser to get the functionality.

PWA’s can work on desktop or mobile browsers. So if you still want to use a desktop browser or desktop via the browser itself.

Data and storage issues are not issues with the progressive web apps.

One great plus that it is not just about the shopping experience or a one-time experience. PWA’s can be used for interaction beyond shopping, such as content sharing, updates on the latest products, and other incentives (less email or newsletters). This provides tremendous potential beyond just one shopping experience.

It’s on your client’s and customers’ phones 24/7, wherever they go. Users can read your content and even share it at any time.

Brand awareness is improved using PWA’s. You can tweak your application to suit customer needs, send notifications and keep your brand focus consistent with users.

Retention and engagement – Adding the application help you to motivate and engage long time customers and gain new ones.

Examples of current PWAs are








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Credit: Elegant Themes 

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